南瓜向日葵饅頭  Pumpkin Sunflower Steamed Bun

南瓜向日葵饅頭 Pumpkin Sunflower Steamed Bun


Since I have learned to make steamed rose bun, I hooked on steamed bun styling, especially flowers and animals. In addition to attending classes and teachers on the internet, I use to create some simple lovely small steamed buns, pumpkin sunflower bun is one of my triumph.


For children, I will only color my steamed bun with natural food coloring. As fresh pumpkin brings pretty bright orange, I have not found another natural substitute. Even the pumpkin powder which can only bring light yellow. Nutritious pumpkin is tasted sweet, my kids love to eat pumpkin steamed bun. Their smiling face is mother’s largest encourage!


小貼士 Recommendations:

  • 南瓜蓉的水份可以有很大的差異,視乎南瓜的品種、新鮮度、在冰箱保存的時間、製作過程等。建議蒸南瓜粒時要蓋上碟子、錫紙或微波爐保鮮紙,以免有倒汗水滲入南瓜粒中;蒸完南瓜後,容器中若有多餘的水份,需要倒去;南瓜蓉要密封保存在冰箱中。

The moisture of mashed pumpkin is different, depends on the variety, freshness, time of refrigerator preservation, the production process of mashed pumpkin, It is suggested to cover pumpkin cubes with a dish, tin foil or microwave oven cling wrap while while steaming, in order to avoid excess moisture permeating pumpkin cubes.  After steaming pumpkin, if there is unnecessary moisture in the vessel, please throw it away. The mashed pumpkin must seal and keep in refrigerator.

  • 以下食譜一滴水也沒有加,惟麵團濕度跟南瓜蓉、麵粉、甚至室內濕度也有很大關係。如在攪打麵團時發現有過乾或過濕的情況,可酌量逐少加入水份或麵粉調校搓揉,直至麵團達到「三光狀態」(即盤光、手光和麵團光)。

Neither a drop of water is added in the following recipe, dough humidity is linked to mashed pumpkin, flour, even indoor humidity. If the dough is found dry or wet while mixing, please add water or flour bit by bit until it becomes three-clean conditions  (i.e. clean mixing bowl, clean hands and clean dough surface).

  • 還有很多小技巧已寫在食譜中,請細閱後才動手做。

There are many tricks have been written in the recipe, please read before hands-on so.

材料 Ingredients

  • 南瓜蓉        Mashed Pumpkin                       100g
  • 中筋麵粉     Plain Flour                                 150g
  • 酵母            Yeast                                          3g
  • 原蔗糖         Raw Cane Sugar                       15g
  • 鹽                Salt                                             1/8茶匙 teaspoon
  • 植物油         Vegetable oil                               5ml
  • 無糖可可粉  Cocoa powder (unsweetened)      ~5g

Peel and cut pumpkin, steam until cooked, mash with fork. It can be stored in the refrigerator for one week.


Water level of different brands flour is slightly different, it would affect the buns directly. This is the flour I used; if you use other brands, please adjust water level.


This is the instant yeast I used for steamed bun.

做法 Directions:

1. 把所有材料放進大碗中,(鹽需後放,因鹽會抑制酵母發酵,切勿把鹽直接撒在酵母上,建議在麵粉堆上挖個小孔放鹽,再用旁邊的麵粉填穴。) ,用長匙把所有材料攪成一大團,然後放在桌上搓揉。如有廚師機或麵飽機,則乾脆把所有材料倒入其中(鹽同樣後放),攪打15分鐘即可。無論是手揉麵,還是機器揉麵,都需要把麵團揉至「三光狀態」,即是盤光,手光和麵團光。

1. Put all the ingredients in the bowl, (put salt later because salt would suppress yeast fermented, never let salt touches yeast directly.  Suggest to make a small hole in the flour for placing salt and fill that hole with flour.) Mix all ingredients into a dough with a long spoon and knead it on tabletop. If there is a kitchen machine or bread machine can help, just simply put all of the material into mixing bowl or bread pan (put salt later) and blend for 15 minutes. Whether kneading by hand or machine, it is required to knead the dough to be three-clean conditions  (i.e. clean mixing bowl, clean hands and clean dough surface).


Pumpkin dough by blender.

2. 麵團排氣: 把麵團搓長,左邊三份一向內摺,右邊三份一也向內摺,三條叠在一起繼續搓成長條形。如是者,重覆三次。

2. Deflate dough: Knead dough to be long, fold one-third from left to middle and fold the another one-third to middle as well.  Knead until dough to be long again.  Repeat three times.


Knead dough to be long.



Fold one-third of two sides.



Knead to be long again, repeat for 3 times.



Dough is more smooth after deflation.

3. 用桿麵棍把麵團輾平約3毫米厚,然後用約8.5厘米直徑的模具或杯子印6個圓形麵餅。

3. Roll the dough as 3 mm thick, mould the dough into 6 round portions by applying approximately 8.5 cm diameter mold or cup.


Rolling pin with 2 plastic circles or rubber brands at the ends can help to fix the dough thickness.



3 mm thick dough.


麵餅周邊如有壓模不平的痕跡,需以手指輕拍整平。Mould cup on dough, press clockwise and anti-clockwise, ensure the round part can separate from dough easily.  If the edge is not smooth, please pat it gently.



Only 4 round parts can be molded in one time.



Roll the rest of dough again, mould 2 more round portions.  The rest of dough can be used to prepare stamen of sunflower.



Each round part is about 33 grams weight .

4. 把麵餅和暫時不用的麵團放在有蓋盒中保存,以免乾硬。

4. Store the unused dough in a box with lid in order to avoid becoming dry.

5. 把餘下的麵團逐少加入可可粉調色,調好啡色麵團便放回有蓋盒中,待用。

5. Mix cocoa powder into the rest of dough thoroughly, the well-prepared brown dough can keep in a box with lid.


Roll dough and put cocoa powder in the middle.



Spray water on dough or apply water on the dough around cocoa power.



Knead for a while, it’s found that even knead thoroughly, the brown colour isn’t enough. At this moment, please repeat the above procedure, knead with more cocoa powder.



Knead until the brown dough is smooth and its colour is even.  Put the dough in a box with lid.

6. 取出黃色麵餅造型。

6. Take out the yellow parts for moulding.


Mould a 4.5 cm diameter with a little cup in the middle of round parts.



There are two methods to make petals.  The first method is to cut a number of bars in peripheral.



Pinch 3 bars into one, 20 bars can make 7 petals.  (Pay attention that a petal in right just pinch by 2 bars. Actually, it is alright of using 2 or 4 bars to make a petals.)


第二個方法: 一邊剪一邊揑。

The second method: Cut and pitch immediately.

放在手中剪3條長條。Cut 3 bars.


Pinch 3 bars into a petal.


Bars of the left one are thinner, it can make more petals, more prettier.



Put the flower bases on baking paper.

7. 啡色麵團做花蕊,用手指塗點水貼在黃色花朵中間,輕輕按壓黏緊。

7. Turn brown dough into stamen, dip water in the middle of flower base, press gently.

同樣用4.5厘米的杯子印6個圓麵餅。Roll brown dough as 3 mm thick. Mould 6 round parts by 4.5 cm diameter cup.



Crimp and form checkered patter by spatula or small knife.



Apply few drops of water in the middle of yellow flower base, put on the stamen, press slightly around the stamen.

8. 把6朵向日葵花坯放在蒸籠中。

8. Put 6 sunflowers into bamboo steamer.

9. 在鍋中燒熱水至攝氏45度左右,關火,把盛有太陽花的蒸籠放上發酵20分鐘。
9. Boil water until 45 degree Celsius, turn off the heat.  Put the bamboo steam on the wok for 20 minutes for fermentation.


When water is around 45 degree Celsius, some little bubbles would be found in the bottom of work without smoke.  If testing water by hand, you would feel warm but not hot.



Turn off the heat, cover the bamboo steamer for 20 minutes for fermentation.

10. 開中火蒸饅頭,待水大滾(可放手在蒸籠蓋上方感受是否大滾,切不可打開蒸籠蓋或移動蒸籠)後計,蒸20分鐘。蒸滿20分鐘後關火,待5分鐘後才緩緩打開一條縫30秒,然後才慢慢打開蒸籠蓋,目的是使其慢慢冷卻,以免滾熱的饅頭遇著冷空氣,外皮發皺,功虧一簣。

10. Turn on to medium heat.  When it is boiling (Put hands above the steam lid to feel it, MUST NOT open steamer lid or move the steamer), steam 20 minutes.  Afterwards, turn off the heat, don’t open the lid.  Wait for 5 minutes, open a slit for 30 seconds, open the steamer slowly at last.  The purpose is to allow bun cooling down slowly, in order to avoid wrinkle in the surface as hot steam bun meets cool air in a sudden.


Open a slit for 30 seconds after 5 minutes resting.

11. 拿走蒸飽紙,把出爐向日葵饅頭移在架上放涼,便可食用。

11. Take away the baking paper, move the sunflower steam buns on cooling rack.  They are ready to serve upon cooling down.


Steamed bun will be inflated, darker in colour and shiny.



Cooling on rack can emit humidity during steaming.



What a pretty Sunflower!



Spongy and nice texture.



A basket of sunflowers, fertility and sunny!



A rough pine cone is made by excess brown dough.


(圖中用了13×19厘米的透明膠袋)Simply put it in a plastic bag, it because a beautiful little gift! (Size of transparent bag in the picture is around 13 x 19 cm)



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